James 3
James 5

James 4

"God is a fiercely jealous lover. And what he gives in love is far better than anything else you'll find."  v5 The Message 

Why do I have such a hard time surrendering to God?  Why is it that when things don't work the way I think they should I tend to abandon God and try any other method to get what I want?  Why is it so hard to walk out what I say I know...that God loves me, wants only what is best for me and what He gives, in love, is far better than anything else I will find.

Lord, as I have to do everyday when I face circumstances that don't go my way, I chose to desire what You desire for me.  I chose to pursue Your way not my way.  Forgive me for letting my selfishness and desire for self-preservation get the better of me sometimes.  I choose to trust You.

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