James 4
Joshua Introduction

James 5

Frank Alfonso

James 5 opens with a warning to the rich, who apparently do not know the Lord. It warns of them to turn to God before the apparent coming of misery is upon them. Verse 4 describes how they have cheated people out of their wages. It goes to describe a luxurious life and "have fatten themselves in the day of slaughter". The footnote describes the wicked are like cattle that continue to fatten themselves on the their way to slaughter, unaware of the fact that they are going to be killed!

How sad that even today we see people who have been "blessed' with wealth beyond our wildest dreams. We watch TMZ or Entertainment Tonight and drool over the lavish homes, expensive cars and extravagant life styles. Yet, in the final analysis, many of them will die and go to hell. Don't get me wrong, who wouldn't want some of those things! I want those things! Then you hear how they die of an overdose or worse yet, purposely take their own lives. You hear how they go from relationship to relationship, in and out of rehab or jail. My first reaction is always anger. I think what idiots, you have everything and still your not happy! You have more than any of us will ever have and you don't know how to appreciate it. Really? Do they have more than me?

Lord thank you that you have blessed me with everything I need, and some things that I just really wanted!. Thank you that you have blessed me with a wonderful family and good friends. Thank you that you provide for me and those I love each and everyday. Thank you Lord that when I have been at my lowest points in life, The Lord is always above me reaching down to pull me up. Thank you that you have placed me in a church whose Pastor is not afraid to preach the truth and what we NEED to hear, not just what we WANT to hear. Thank you for a church family that has caught the vision of the Great Commission. Thank you that I have what they don't have: A relationship with a God that loves me more than anything in the world.  So Lord first of all, heal me of my desire to watch TMZ or Entertainment Tonight! Until you do, when I do watch thank you for reminding ME how rich I am.


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