Proverbs 7
Proverbs 9

Colossians 3

It is easy to miss it as we read the New Testament from our individualistic mindset but today I could not help but notice the underlying assumption of Paul as he is writing to the Colossians.  He assumes that they are doing life together.  There is always the understanding that community and assembly are involved.  We discussed in Higher Learning last week that before time began God existed in community and He has gifted us with that community.  When we were adopted into the family of God we were given this incredible gift of fellowship with the family - community and assembly.  It is not a optional part of being in the family, it is a direct way that God is working out His will and plan in our lives.  Our new nature and identity is inextricably tied up in our community with the family of God.  WE cannot practice forgiveness without the family of God.  We cannot be unified if we are the only one present.  We cannot encourage each other if we are not assembled with each other.  Gentleness, humility and patience is worked out as we do life together.

Don't miss out on one of the most important ways that we are made in the image of God = community.  Join together with other believers on Sundays and at GROW groups and experience community the way the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit has since before time began. 

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