Proverbs 6
Colossians 3

Proverbs 7

Proverbs 7

Flee from temptation!

Solomon wisely tells his readers to run in the opposite direction of temptation.  Say this over and over, write it on your heart - run Forest run, flee temptation.  In verse 7 we see a young man who "thinks he can handle it " so takes on temptation.  He purposely walks in the path of the temptress.  Solomon tells us that this young man lacks judgment.  He was no match for the tempter who has been at this profession since the creation of mankind.  (I guess this is the world's oldest profession)  It is funny how the tempter paints a picture of how wonderful it will be but usually they say nothing of the aftermath - which is where the real trouble always lies.

As Solomon admonishes in verse 25 - two of the best ways to resist temptation is to stay away from it and don't spend a lot of time thinking about it.  The more we spend time entertaining the thought the more attractive it becomes and the less we think of the aftermath.

Run, _________ run!  or as Gandalf says, "fly you fools!"  Now that is wisdom


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