1 Peter 1
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1 Peter 2

1 Peter 2:8-18

As people who are God's children, chosen and adopted into His family, we now have a new identity and a new job description. 

We are called to live holy lives in this unholy world in which we live.  We are to remember that we are just passing through this world, it is not our home.  With that in mind, Peter gives us a glimpse of what our job description looks like as royal children of God, chosen ones and priests ministering to God.

  • This world is not your home, so don’t make yourselves cozy in it.
  • Dont indulge your ego at the expense of your soul.
  • Live an exemplary life among the non-believers so that your actions will point them to Christ.
  • Be good citizens: respect the government and authorities no matter their level. Exercise your freedom by serving God not breaking the rules.
  • As employees, work hard for your bosses whether they are good or bad bosses.  You are really working for God.

All of these things, if we do them and not shirk our responsibility, makes us stand out in a way that our Father is glorified and worshipped. 

If we live with such hope in God what will happen is what Peter says in chapter 3, verse 15: we will have to be ready to share the reason why our lives are such breaths of fresh air. 

Remember you have green cards for life on this earth, your citizenship is in heaven.  Let us remember to not get too attached to this temporary situation.

Looking at the list, why not choose one of the descriptions on the list (so far) and come up with a plan of action to integrate it in your life.

I will pray for the President every Monday.

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