James 4
1 Peter 1

James 5

James 5

James lists some more outward actions that speak of the inward transformation that occurs when we receive salvation.

He tells us that we will be people who are patient in the face of hard times.  The patience is not a sit on my hands and do nothing kind of action but an active waiting for the return of Christ.

As we are waiting we must be people who are prayerful.  Again it points to a faith in God who will deliver us.

He also tells us that a Christ-follower will be one whose speech is pure.  It is not that we should not swear an oath but what he is saying is that we should have such honest speech that we never need to back it up with promises or oaths.   We are to keep our word even if it costs us more than we bargained for.

In all of these things that James enumerates as the marks of a Christi-follower you notice that they are attitudes of the heart.  The outward action is done because of the inward change that has taken place.  The inward work is the work of God and the outward actions are the outflow - we don't do them because it makes us children of God, we do them because we are now children of God and we want to do them.  Yes it requires discipline to do them but we are motivated by the inward transformation that has taken place.

Thank you God for making me your child.

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