Luke 10
Luke 12

Luke 11

The religious leaders accuse Jesus of working for Satan.  The name they use to refer to this was Beelzebul, which means lord of the dwelling.  But Jesus refutes this accusation by showing how illogical it would be for satan to fight against himself and weaken his own kingdom.  Jesus turns the tables on them telling them that if they question what power He is using to drive out demons then they would have to ask the same question of themselves.  He goes on to say that the truth is He could not defeat Satan unless He was stronger than Satan.  He does this by picturing satan as a strong man, in armor, guarding his house and goods, but Jesus invaded satan's territory, destroyed the armor and weapons and took the strong man's possessions.  So…though satan is permitted limited authority, the reality is that he is a defeated foe.

In verse 23 Jesus tells His listeners, and us, that we cannot be neutral about this spiritual war.  To be neutral is to be against Christ.  By making no choice we choose to be against Him.  In fact it is dangerous to us if we make no choice.  Jesus tells us that if an impure spirit leaves a person and that person does not invite God to come and take up residence, then the demon will return with many more and re-inhabit the man, and the man's condition will go from bad to worse. 

We cannot afford to remain ambivalent about Jesus.  We must choose today if we will believe in Him, allow Him to cleanse us and if we will serve Him.  And it must go beyond just saying nice things about Jesus.  The woman calls out to Jesus and says, "Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you."  To which Jesus replies, "What is more needed is that we don't stay on the fence saying nice things about Him, we must respond in obedience to His Word."

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