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So you are running from God - being disobedient.  And God is trying to get your attention. Just when you think you have reached your breaking point things get worse.  You get thrown off the boat and now instead of going in any direction you are sinking fast. 
And just when you think it can't get any worse than this along comes a big fish and gobbles you up.

In the case of Jonah, he was in sin and running from God and God was the one that caused the affliction.  That is not always the way it works.  Sometimes the affliction is not brought about by God but God uses the affliction to get your attention.

The very thing that could be seen as the end of his life is the very thing that saves his life.  The same goes for us, the hard times that you are going through now may be the very thing that will save your life and put you back on the right track. 

It seems paradoxical that God would do that, but the very thing that is your greatest trial right now may be the thing that saves you and preserves you, and places you back on the right track towards experiencing God’s power and might in your life.

What happens to us is that we fall into the pity party mode.  Look, I am trying to do everything right and everything is going wrong.  God has forgotten about me.  Just when I got my act together everything is going the wrong way.  Poor me, poor, poor me.

Quit yer bellyaching!

Look at Jonah in the belly of the whale. 

It is noticeable that in all of the dialog with God you never see Jonah bellyaching and complaining about how bad it is.  He is not crying out to God and saying, “O deliver me God from this horrible mess.” 

Instead you see that his prayer is of
·    thanksgiving (2-6),
·    contrition (7,8) and
·    re-dedication(9).

Jonah allowed the trials and affliction, mind you borne out of his own sin, to lead him back to how wonderful and loving God is. 

In the belly of the whale he comes to the realization that underneath him and around him are the everlasting hands of Jehovah. 

Funny how sometimes when we sin and we are facing the consequences of it we get angry at God that He is not bailing us out.  Stop it.  Do like Jonah and come to a place of thanksgiving, contrition and re-dedication.
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