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God gives Jonah another chance to run with Him.  And Jonah's response was, "Yes Lord I am willing." 
All God needs is a willing servant and He will do the rest. 

Look at what happened with Jonah. 
He goes to Ninevah and begins to preach.  The Bible says that his words could be distilled to one simple message summed up in 8 words…
“Forty more days and Ninevah will be overthrown.”

The results of it are incredible…120,000 to 600,000 people repent and turn to God.

When God sends you He prepares the way and when you are obedient and step out in Holy Spirit power the results are nothing short of amazing.

The excuses we have will not hold up, God can  and will use a willing servant to accomplish His purposes. 
The key is not money, organization, cleverness or education, it is the power of God working through a willing servant. 
We all need to get back to the power source and that happens through prayer.

Heeding God’s Warning Brings God’s Favor.
Here is a good lesson to learn from the Ninevites.   When they heard the message of God, they repented.

You see that is God’s intent from the very beginning – the message of judgment always has the intent of repentance and reconciliation.
God is not out to destroy, but because He loves He chastens and sends a stern message of impending judgment so that  repentance and reconciliation can occur. 

The people of Ninevah heard the words of the prophet and responded in repentance and God had compassion on them and did not bring about the destruction as He had threatened.
But the repentance must be genuine.  If it is real our actions show it.

The people of Ninevah proved that their repentance was genuine, which is why God turned away His anger.  How did they respond?

·    They fasted.
·    They sought God. (They prayed.)
·    They turned from their evil ways and followed God’s ways.
It is not enough to say you are sorry you need to change your ways and follow God’s ways.
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