Jonah 3
Proverbs 1

Jonah 4

God got a little angry!
God was upset because Jonah was running up against Him. 
God was upset because here was a person who had devoted his life to serving Him and still did not even catch on to the heart of God.

You see, God loves sinners! 

If God loves sinners, shouldn’t we love them too?
Jonah lacked God’s love for people. 
He missed the heart of God and lost out on the joy of real ministry.

You see ministry must flow out of love for people – Christians and non Christians alike. 

Passion for ministry must flow out of us having God’s heart for people. 
It is time we put on the glasses of God and see people through His eyes.  God loves people more than anything.  It is why He sent His only Son to pay the death penalty for our sin, not because He loved Christians but because He loved people.

Let us love people the way God loves them. 
Willing to lay down our rights so that they can find redemption. 
Willing to do whatever it takes to hear the Good News. 
Willing to put aside our prejudices and preconceptions so that they may experience His love through us.
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