Proverbs 7
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Proverbs 8

Here is the thing about wisdom – it is not difficult to find.  If you are serious about gaining wisdom it is readily available.  In verses 1-4 Solomon tells us that Wisdom goes to the crowded places of the city and calls out so everyone can hear.  In other words, wisdom can be found in the everyday moments of our lives if we are willing to look for it.  In the middle of an important decision, wisdom is present if we would look for it.  In the hustle and bustle of life there is godly wisdom to be gained if we would be willing to stop, look and listen. 

The problem is we are too often like the youngster in chapter 7 – we think we know what we are doing and instead of seeking out wisdom we trust in our own understanding and find ourselves in a heap of trouble time and again. 

God’s truth and wisdom can be found in His Word which is why having a daily time set aside to read, study and memorize His Word is such a good habit – it gives us wisdom.
God’s truth and wisdom is given through the working of the Holy Spirit, who has been sent to lead us and guide us into all truth.  The Holy Spirit works through the reading of the Word of God, through godly people who give us advice and through His promptings to us. 

Wisdom is calling, are you taking time to listen?

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