Ephesians 2
1 Peter 2

1 Peter 1

Salvation - what a loaded word for us as believers.  We are saved!  But from what? 

Is it saved from a life of poverty?  saved from any suffering?  Is it saved from hard times and persecution?  I don't think so.  The more I read the Bible the more I realize that suffering and hardships are a part of the life of any believer. 

As we embark on reading this letter Peter penned, we must realize that he wrote this book with the understanding that persecution and hard times were a part of the Christian walk.  They persecuted Jesus, why do we think that we would be exempt?  Shortly after writing his letter the Emperor Nero launched a large scale attack on Christians.  Looking for a scapegoat to take the public's attention away from who started the great fire that devastated Rome, Nero placed the blame on the Christians. As a result, they were encased in wax and burned at the stake to light his gardens, crucified, and thrown to wild beasts. Though the official persecution apparently was confined to the vicinity of Rome, attacks on Christians spread unchecked by the authorities to other parts of the Empire. It was as a result of Nero's persecution that both Peter and Paul were martyred.

The salvation that we talk about is the fact that we have been saved from an eternal existence separated from the Creator.  And what a complete work it is, as Peter tells us in verse 2.  We are chosen by the Father, convicted of sin and brought to faith in Christ by the Holy Spirit and all made possible by the blood sacrifice of Jesus. 

As a result of that salvation we must respond by living in the hope of Jesus' coming and by striving to be holy by being obedient and self-controlled.  In other words let us live lives in accordance with our new life of freedom and as children of God, not being surprised by persecutions and hard times but living through it with great hope and faith.
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