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Therefore I want the men everywhere to pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or disputing.

Calling men to be spiritual leaders!
As Paul continues to instruct Timothy in leading the church he speaks about the roles of men and women in the church.  It is easy to focus on the role of the women because it seems so out of line with what we practice today, but I really think that what we practice today is the result of the men in the church not taking the lead and so by default women have stepped into the roles.

Paul states that prayer in the church is important.  Prayer for leaders and all who are in authority, and prayer for all men - saved and unsaved, good people and bad people.  He goes on to say that men should be the ones leading the charge in praying.  Men, rise up and take your spiritual leadership role!  The man's role does not make him superior, it is a role that God has entrusted him to and too many men have relinquished that role.  We must get back to being the spiritual leaders, and one such way we lead is by being present, front and center in the assembly to pray.

Then Paul gives three essentials to effective prayer.
Lifting holy hands - my thoughts are that it refers less to a physical posture and more symbolic of a life that is blameless before God.  The understanding of clean hands - pursuing holiness and purity in our life with Christ. So when we come to pray we must make sure that that our lives are clean before God.  We prepare to pray by asking God to create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us.  We ask Him to point out areas of disobedience that need to be taken care of, so that when we come with our intercessions, petitions, entreaties and prayers we will have holy hands.

Without wrath - is the understanding of being in right relationship with one another.  Having no anger or unforgiveness towards those in the family of God.

Without dissension - When we are angry with people in the family of God it usually leads to arguments, backbiting, gossip and disunity.  We are not to draw lines in the sand and create disunity in the family of God.

Kind of interesting that we see the marks of a disciple showing up in this.  As you pray for those who are unbelievers (Reaching OUT) you are only effective as you pursue holiness (Reaching UP) and unity in the fellowship (Reaching IN).

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