Colossians 2
Colossians 4

Colossians 3

Christ has come to have first place in everything.

That is the thrust of Paul's message in Colossians.  And now we who have been raised from the old, dead life into life with Christ must give Him first place in every area of our lives.

The truth is that the old life we were saved from still pulls hard on us.  It wants to get us back into it's gravitational pull and we are prone to going back.  Paul reminds the Colossians, and us, that we must continually put Christ first in our lives and that will counteract the pull of the world.

If Christ is first then sexual promiscuity, impurity, lust, greed, and undisciplined lives are things that we should not be participating in.  If Christ is first it will be characterized by His nature - compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength and discipline.  We will not fly off the handle in rage, quick to forgive others and having a life characterized by love.  He goes on with other ways that we know Christ is first in our lives by talking about how we relate with our spouse, our children, our parent and our bosses.

As we live a life where it is evident that Christ has first place it becomes a witness to an onlooking world.  They need to see that this world has lost it's hold on us and we are now marching to the drumbeat of heaven.

Where are there areas of your life that you have not yet made Christ the Lord?  In what areas does the world have a hold on you?
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