Colossians 3
1 Thesssalonians 1

Colossians 4

Today we continue to read about how a follower of Christ (a redeemed one) must live.  One of those things that separates the redeemed from the unredeemed is their speech.  The Bible tells us that our speech gives others a picture of who we are. 
The speech of those who are not children of God are characterized by lies, evil, curses, destruction, pride; to name a few. 

Now Paul tells us that the speech of the child of God is characterized by prayer.  Persevering prayer (the understanding of the word "devote"), the kind of prayer that holds on and will not let go.  Prayers that persist without ceasing.  This kind of prayer is not just referring to the prayers we say out loud in the moments we have set aside, but is also the understanding of a God consciousness that relates every experience in life to Him.

The speech of a Christ follower is one of prayer. 
Prayer of intercession for your brothers and sisters in Christ, prayers of faith praying God's will on earth as it is in heaven for our nation, our city, our leaders.  Prayers like that of Epaphras who was wrestling in prayer so that God's people would stand firm in all the will of God, mature and fully assured.

But the speech of a Christ follower is also one of thanksgiving.  We are to be watchful, eyes wide open to God responding to our prayers and then we need to be thankful.  How often we tend to not be thankful in response to God's blessings.  The speech of a redeemed one is one of thankfulness, always finding a reason to thank God for the blessings we have received.  I find that it is easy to be thankful when I realize that God does not owe me anything, yet still He chooses to bless me with many blessings.

The speech of a Christ-follower is also one of proclamation.  Paul tells the Colossians that they are to make the most of every chance they have to tell others the Good News.  And that comes because our conversation is filled with grace. When Paul says that our speech should always be with grace he is not talking about us preaching the gospel but our general conversations with people.  No matter what the situation as Christ-followers we are to make gracious speech a habit.  In other words we are to speak what is gentle, truthful, loving, thoughtful, what builds up and not what tears down, and what is wholesome. 

The speech of a Christ-follower should also be seasoned with salt.  For me this means that we are speaking God's truth.  God's truth, like salt, will have an effect on its hearers.  Salt may sting when rubbed on a wound. Salt prevents decay.  Salt adds flavor.  These are the things that God's truth, when spoken in situations, will bring about.

So the question is...What does your speech say about you?

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