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1 Timothy 6:3 (ETRV) Some people will teach what is false and will not agree with the true teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ. They will not accept the teaching that produces a life of devotion to God.

I understand that I am about to go down a rabbit trail because the bigger understanding of the passage is Paul exhorting Timothy about how to recognize and handle false teachers.  He talks about the dangers of chasing riches instead of Christ.  Yet as I was reading I was struck by this particular translation of verse 3.  The goal of every disciple is that we should live a life of devotion to God.
In Acts when the people repented and believed in Jesus, Peter and the disciples put them into training for righteousness.  They asked them to "devote themselves" to the apostles teaching, to fellowship, to breaking of bread and to prayer.  Those things produced a life of devotion to God.  A life where they went from hearing to understanding to living it out and then walking it out in the world around them.  This led to more people being added to the family of God.

Are we living a life of devotion to God?

You say I don't know how to!  That's okay because that is why God put you in a church family - to help you get to a life of devotion to Him.  You are to allow the spiritual leaders to teach you the truths of the Bible, you are to let God's family help you as you put these truths into practice in your life and then you should be living out these truths in a way that points others to Christ. 
Another way we can say it is that a life of devotion to God involves reaching UP to God, IN towards God's family and OUT towards the world.  We are to seek God and choose to give Him our whole lives.  We are to meet regularly with God's people and serve together as we on a mission of making disciples.  We need to serve the world around us giving of our time and resources in order to gain the opportunity to share the good news with them.
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