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2 Timothy 1:7 (ETRV) The Spirit God gave us does not make us afraid. His Spirit is a source of power and love and self-control.

It seems that Timothy has a little issue with being timid.  Not just shy but a tendency to not stand up and defend the truth of the gospel.  He was easily embarassed about speaking up about God. Sounds a lot like many of us today, myself included.  Paul encourages Timothy to not be ashamed to tell people about Jesus even though at times it will lead to suffering - God will give us strength to handle it.  Instead rely on your resources God has given us to be bold and vocal about the gospel.

First here is what God has not given us...a spirit of fear. 
In other words it is not God who makes us shy, embarassed or ashamed. So if God is not the One who gives us that then we need to realize that we must overcome it - whether it is generated from Satan or our own pride, we must overcome this timidity.

God has, through the Holy Spirit, given us a spirit of power. 
It is the kind of power that allows us to be effective for His service. The truth is this power is already in us because we have the Holy Spirit, (the same Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead) so we need not be afraid to stand up for Christ because the Holy Spirit empowers us with courage.

God's Spirit is also the source of love. 
The love here is the selfless love of God.  It is the kind of love that propels us to give our lives away for the cause of Christ.  As we we grow in our maturity we should be finding that we care more and more about others and their standing with God and we will do whatever is necessary to help them know Christ and grow in His knowledge and grace.  As God love grows in us we give ourselves more and more to Him and to fulfilling His mission.  We embark on a suicide mission (dying to ourselves) in order to live for Him.

God's Spirit is the source of self-control.
A disciple of Christ grows in self-control, finding that we are increasingly able to discipline ourselves by prioritizing our lives so that the things of God take precedence and not our selfish desires.

Power to be effective ministers, love that allows us to maintain the right motive and attitude towards God and others and discipline to focus and apply every part of our lives to accomplish His will.  No need to be afraid, we have what we need to live godly lives of worship.

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