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Completing Your Ministry


Colossians 4:17

Tell Archippus: “See to it that you complete the ministry you have received in the Lord.”

Observation – What does it say?

There isn’t really any context to this command from Paul. We don’t know of his relationship with Archippus. As a matter of fact, all we know is that at some point Archippus had received a ministry from the Lord and Paul knew about it. And, Paul’s command to him is short and simple: complete it.

Understanding – What does it mean?

We don’t know why Archippus needed this extra encouragement. The only thing that’s safe to say is that Archippus completing his ministry wasn’t an automatic thing. The Lord gave him the ministry, but the responsibility to complete it was on Archippus’ shoulders. The truth and exhortation to Archippus that applies to us is this:

If you’ve received a ministry from God, it’s up to you to see that you complete it.

What are the things that keep us from sticking with the ministry God gives us?

Whether it's exercising, eating right, or serving in ministry, it’s easy to start with passion and excitement, to give ourselves fully to it and to work hard. But if you continue with it for any amount of time there will be challenges. Consider some of the challenges you may be facing in ministry: Wanting to see God move in ways that he hasn’t yet, working with people who are uncommitted or who hurt us, working hard and not seeing the results we desire, having a lack of support and encouragement that leaves us feeling overwhelmed, etc.

When these kinds of challenges arise it’s easy to lose passion, for doubt to creep in ("Is this really what God want's me to do?"), to start merely going through the motions, to stop working so hard, and to forget the vision and excitement we had at first. Burnout.

I recognize in my life that I continually need God to refill my tank so I don’t burnout. I don’t ever want to throw in the towel because of the challenges I face, but I want to complete the ministry God has given me. I want to stand before him and hear, “Well done good and faithful servant.” Not, “Why did you give up?”

Life Application

Where is the needle pointing on your burnout meter?

What do you need to do to see that you complete the ministry God has given you?

God, please keep me from stopping short of completion. Guard my heart and passion from being put out by my challenges. In a world filled with good starters, make me and those I serve with at Desert Streams church good finishers! Amen.

[If you are struggling in the area you are serving in, please talk with your ministry leader or someone on pastoral staff about it and be honest about your struggles. Our desire is that you are thriving in ministry and feeling effective in the role(s) you are serving in.]

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