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Only One Place To Look


Proverbs 2:6

For the Lord gives wisdom;
    from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.


I don’t usually watch or read the news. But encouraged by Pastor Gary a few weeks ago, I downloaded a news app (News Digest by Yahoo) that gives really brief summations of the top stories around the world twice a day. My wife Katie and I started reading the top story each night before bed. Then, however the Holy Spirit leads us, we pray in response to the story. If there’s one thing my eyes have been opened to after doing this for only a couple weeks it’s this: The world is desperate for God.  

The Middle East is filled with so much conflict and violence. There are countless military groups, terrorist organizations, and people groups striving for power and control. Peace is way beyond a handful of leaders coming to agreement on a couple key issues. There are hundreds of thousands of people living in constant fear, without feeling of security, mourning the deaths of loved ones, living in extreme poverty, etc.  People are struggling around the clock to determine solutions and proposed plans to bring about peace are a dime a dozen. And here’s the truth: The world’s problems are much too vast and complicated for man’s wisdom to fix. 

As Solomon points out, it’s the Lord who gives wisdom. It’s the Lord who gives knowledge and understanding. The best thing we can do for the hundreds of thousands if not millions of people who are suffering in the Middle East is to pray. Regardless of your opinion of the different people groups, God loves them all. And the majority are not only suffering right now, but will suffer for eternity if they don’t come to saving faith in Christ. They are desperate for wisdom. They are desperate to know God and God’s ways.

Life Application

Pray for the Middle East and any other region of the world the Holy Spirit would lead me to pray for. Pray for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and God encounters for those in leadership. Pray for peace. Pray for justice. And most importantly, pray for the salvation of the nations.

God, there is only one place to look, only one to look to for help. You. Our world is desperate for you, just as I am desperate for you. We don’t need new plans, treaties, wars, peace organizations or meetings. You alone are the solution to the world’s problems. If you don’t move in power the world is doomed. Please pour out your Spirit upon your church and all the people groups around the world. We need your touch, your wisdom, your love. Out of your great love and mercy, come. Amen.

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