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Proverbs 11:2 -When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

OBSERVATION: What does it say?

In order to gain wisdom (aka Christ), we must be humble and teachable. Having a know it all attitude will only lead us away from Him.

UNDERSTANDING: What does it mean?

Pride comes before the fall. Pride leads to dishonorable actions. Why? Because if Christ is wisdom, pride keeps us away from Him. A prideful and self righteous person does not think they are sinners and therefore do not see their need for a risen Savior. Their hearts are not humbled and soft, but rather hardened. It takes a humble spirit to come into personal relationship with Jesus and choose to walk according to His ways. Pride and self righteousness will always be fighting against our need for Jesus. The Pharisees are a prime example of this.


I grew up in the church, but I did not accept Jesus' invitation for salvation until later in life. Some people have asked how that is possible if I was raised in that environment. It's easy...I didn't think I was a sinner. I didn't see my need for Jesus. I remember going through the 10 commandments in 9th grade and convincing myself that I had not broken any one of them. I was so deceived. When God got a hold of me through some unfavorable events, my heart softened, I admitted my sin and need for His saving grace, and my life started to change as I entered into a personal relationship with Him. It was no longer my parents' faith, but mine.
As I've grown and matured in the faith, He continues to teach me about humility and not having a self righteous attitude even more so than before. Confessing my sins daily to Him helps keep me in check with this.
Dear Lord, I pray for all the unbelievers and sinners out there whose prideful and hardened hearts are keeping them from relationship with You. I pray that we would not give up in doing our part to bring them into Your Kingdom. I also pray for those of us who have had a relationship with You for years, that we would not forget what You have saved us from and what You continue to save us from as sinners. Help us to maintain a humble and teachable spirit before You as we walk according to Your ways for Your glory alone. Amen.

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