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Diligence Makes All The Difference


Proverbs 13:4

A sluggard’s appetite is never filled,
    but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.

Observation – What does it say?

The Message version puts it this way:

Indolence (habitual laziness) wants it all and gets nothing;
    the energetic have something to show for their lives.

The lazy person will always be left wanting, but the person who is hard working and persistent will have their desires fulfilled.

Understanding – What does it mean?

Everyone has desires. You have desires. I have desires. We have desires when it comes to every area of our lives. Financially we have desires to prosper. In our family life we desire to have good relationships. Physically we desire to be healthy and fit. Spiritually we desire genuine encounter with God.

This proverb tells us the key to having our desires satisfied: diligence. Hard work.

Isn’t it obvious when you think about it? “I want to be rich but I’m too lazy to show up to work on time." And, "I want to lose 10lbs but I’m too lazy to go to the gym or to control my eating.” We all know how that's going to work out.

Spiritually things work the same. Heaven, like life, will give you what you settle for. I have met a lot of people who struggle with their faith. They prayed a one-liner asking God to do something for them and he didn’t, so they now wrestle with doubt and unbelief. Describe anyone you know? This scripture, along with others like Jeremiah 29:13 – “You will seek me and you will find me when you seek me with all of your heart.” – tell me that their appetite for a God encounter isn’t being filled because they are lazy in their pursuit of God. Praying for a couple minutes and watching tv for a couple hours doesn't equal spiritual diligence. We will find God only when we seek him with all of our hearts.

Life Application

What areas of your life do you have unfulfilled desires?

What does it look like for you to be more diligent in pursuing them?

God, forgive me for blaming you or others when my desires aren’t satisfied.  In most areas it’s been my fault, the result of my own laziness. This scripture fills me with hope though, because at least now I can pinpoint the problem. Help me to work harder in every area of my life, especially in my relationship with you. I want to find you, to experience more of you, and to grow in every area. Give me the grace to be more diligent. Amen.

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