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Are You All Talk?


Proverbs 14:23

All hard work brings a profit,
    but mere talk leads only to poverty.


Those who serve in ministry at Desert Streams attend our 6:28 meeting each month. And at each meeting we fill out a self-evaluation, which is basically like a spiritual check up. It’s a series of questions that evaluate all your vital signs and the key areas that determine your spiritual health.

Can I be transparent with you this morning?

I was reading through my last two evaluations and felt pretty horrible when I got to the section on PII (Praying for, Investing in, and Inviting those who don’t yet know Christ).  I realized that I rarely prayed for the specific people I wrote on my PII card and for 2 months I hadn’t done really anything intentional to invest in their lives and I hadn’t invited one of them to come to church. What made seeing it especially difficult for me is that I pray prayers often like, “God, I’m desperate to bring people to come to know you!” and, “Use me to win lost souls!” And not only do I pray about it, but I tell others about how important it is biblically, how important it is to me personally and how important it should be to them. But when you look at my actions, at least the past two months, I've been mere talk. And that mere talk has led to poverty when it comes to seeing a harvest of souls. The obvious truth: If I’m going to see profit in any area, including people getting saved, I’m going to have to actually put in some hard work!

Life Application

Maybe for you it's not evangelism. Maybe it's another area. What things have you been merely talking about?

God forgive me for reducing something as important as evangelism to mere talk in my life. Today I choose to make a change. God, I commit to begin praying daily for the unbelievers on my PII card. As I do, provide me with opportunities to invest in their lives and to invite them to come into relationship with you and to visit DSC. Give me the strength and wisdom to work hard in this area and to see a harvest of souls as a result. Amen.

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