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Don’t Expect A Harvest If You’re Too Lazy To Plant


Proverbs 20:4

Sluggards do not plow in season;
    so at harvest time they look but find nothing.

Observation – What does it say?

The Message Version translates it this way:

A farmer too lazy to plant in the spring
    has nothing to harvest in the fall.

Those who spend the time preparing the soil, scattering the seed, watering and cultivating the plants don’t see anything for a season. But they do it, laboring day after day in the field, because they know that the harvest will come and it will all be worth it. And in the fall, as they are joyfully reaping the fruit of their hard work put in months before, the lazy person is looking around in frustration and envy because they have nothing to harvest.

Understanding – What does it mean?

A girl in my youth group, Mariana, spent a year sitting next to a guy in math class who had no interest in God.  Despite his negative responses, she would talk with him week after week about God. She shared about what God had done for her, she shared the gospel, she invited him to church. By the end of the year it was as though he hadn’t changed a bit. But a couple years later Mariana received a phone call from him. “Hey, Mariana! I know we haven’t talked in a long time but I just wanted to call and tell you that I recently became a Christian! And I wanted to say thank you for all that you shared with me that year in math class about God.”

Mariana didn’t see anything come from her planting for a long season, but the harvest came in due time! Many I’ve told that story to have expressed to me something to the effect of, “That’s so cool! I wish I could experience something like that!” And my question for them is, “Who are you sharing Jesus with?” Because, without working in that 'field' of evangelism, the closest you’ll get to a harvest is hearing the great stories of others.

Life Application

Plant! We can’t look around expecting a great harvest from fields we haven’t been intentionally planting in.

Consider the fields in your life:

  • Your relationship with God
  • Your marriage
  • Your job
  • Your education
  • Your church family
  • People around you who need Christ
  • Etc.

In this present season, how much are you sowing into each of those fields? Are the seasons to come going to be filled with joyful harvesting or frustration?

God, forgive me for my laziness. Of course I want to see good fruit in every area of my life but I often push the most important areas to the back burner when life gets busy. Help me to be intentional and hard working in each field you’ve given me. Give me the wisdom to plant well and the patience to persevere until the harvest comes. Amen.

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