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Genesis 15:1-2  "Do not be afraid..."

In order for God to say those words Abram must have had a moment of fear.  Maybe he was fearful that the kings he defeated in the previous chapter would return and take revenge.  But God tells him that he will defend him and will give him a life of blessings. 

God is reiterating His promise to Abram who has left Ur and traveled to a far off land on the word of God that up till now seemed as distant as the land he had left.  When Abram showed up in the land of Canaan it was during a drought, so it was not the best of starts as far as promise fulfillment was concerned.  Abram was probably having doubts about this whole deal and so God comes to strengthen and encourage him.

Don't be afraid, you will live and experience the blessings I promised.
But God, I can see that I get material blessings but what about the offspring you said I would have?  Am I supposed to adopt my head servant, because at this rate all that you bless me with will go to him.

I can identify with Abram.  There are many times that I get filled with fear and doubt that the road I have taken, based on God's call and direction, seems to be a ticket to nowhere and failure is imminent.  In those times God is faithful to remind me of His calling on my life.  It may happen in a dream, it may happen through my devotions, sometimes it happens through people - but it is God working through all these things to remind me that His plans and purposes, of which I am a part, will prevail.

Don't let discouragement and fear stop you from believing God and His Word.  Live as though you believe the promises of God for your life.
Abram believed God and God considered him righteous because of his faith.  It was not that Abram didn't doubt or have fear, it was that in spite of those things he believed God and lived as though what God said would come to pass.

God promises that you have been redeemed and whom the Son sets free is truly free - so live like a free one.
God promises that if you have confessed your sins you are forgiven and now you are His child - so live as though you are forgiven and adopted into God's family.  Live like a child of God.
God promises that He will provide for your needs so live as though you believe He will and not like you are in charge of meeting your needs.

You get the picture...Do not be in God!

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