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Genesis 17:1

God reminds us that He is all sufficient and is all that we ever need.

Time and again at the moment when it is needed God appears to Abram and reveals some attribute of His nature and character to encourage and assure Abram that God was all-sufficient.

"El Shaddai" is the name of "the all-powerful and all-sufficient God who can do anything and meet any need."

But why would God reveal this name to Abraham at this time, at the close of thirteen years of silence? Because God was going to tell His friend that Sarah would have a son. The Lord wanted Abraham to know that He is the God who is all-sufficient and all-powerful, and that nothing is too hard for Him. 

After Abraham's battle with the four kings, God came to him as a warrior and told him He was his "shield." When Abraham wondered about his refusal of Sodom's wealth, God told him He was his "exceedingly great reward.” 

Now when Abraham and Sarah were "as good as dead," God assured them that He was more than sufficient to bring about the miracle birth. God comes to us in the ways we need Him most.

For every situation of life we find ourselves in God assures He is big enough and powerful enough to handle it.  If I were Abram, the idea of having a child at 99 years of age would seem impossible and unattainable.  I would think that it is a dream that I would have to lay to rest.  Actually I have a dream like that.  In my early years of ministry I felt that God gave me a word that Desert Streams would become a Great Commission Movement.  That we would be partners with Him in bringing many people into redemption and we would start many churches.  I am getting older and older and like Abraham it seems like the possibility of it happening is getting further and further from realization.  That is until I am reminded that age does not matter to God, and just when we think that our time has past and the fulfillment is impossible - God says I am God Almighty.  Don’t get discouraged and continue to walk before me and be blameless.  

What situation do you find yourself in where you are “as good as dead” that you need the power of El Shaddai?  Keep trusting Him and keep in walking in faith and obedience to Him.  He is able!

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