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Today’s reading reminds me that as disciples of Christ we are always to be reaching UP, IN and OUT. Take a look.

Abraham was a God-follower.  On this particular day the follower of God was sitting in the shade escaping the heat of the day when strangers came up.  Forgetting the heat Abraham jumps into action and serves them.  He may not have known it but He was literally serving God at that time.  To serve God is the idea of reaching up.

Then after the meal Abraham was given insight into the destruction of Sodom and Abraham began to intercede on behalf of the city.  Abraham demonstrates that idea of reaching out - doing what he could to save people from the coming wrath of God.  He was serving the people of Sodom by interceding before God on their behalf.

In other chapters we have seen Abraham as the family man - leading his family and serving his wife.  He was reaching in.

Abraham demonstrates that as followers of God we are always to be serving God, serving His family and serving the world around us.  We are to be ministers.  We should always be drawing closer in relationship with God and His people and engaged in sharing His love with people who are not yet children of God.  

This summer as we find ourselves “sitting under the shade of the tree” on our vacations, stay-cations, daily activities - let us be mindful to the opportunities to serve God, serve His (and our) family and to serve the world around us.  Let us intercede for them and share the love of God with them.  Be engaged in the plan to party with our church family and invite our non-believing friends to come join us.  Look for opportunities to listen to their stories and be obedient to respond to the Holy Spirit as to how we can God’s story with them.

As we do this we serve God and his purposes to multiply Christ-followers everywhere.

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