A Gift, for Me ?
Do Not Be Angry With Yourselves

Pass The Counterfeit Please


"Is not this the [cup] from which my lord drinks and which he indeed uses for divination?  You have done wrong in doing this (Genesis 44:5).

OBSERVATION - By definition the word divination means "to foresee, and be inspired by a god.  (What I call a little g god)  Obviously this is an attempt to usurp what is rightfully due mankind.  The nation of Egypt is walking in the dark as they enjoy a season of power before being gobbled up in the history books.  So, who is in charge?  It looks like they are dominating the surrounding real estate. I'm sure Pharaoh feels pretty confident about recent conquests.  One need only to ask who recently installed the number two man in all of Egypt.

UNDERSTANDING - Joseph’s anchor throughout this whole nightmare of captivity has been the very dreams that got him in this predicament in the first place.  As a youngster Joseph shared God’s dreams with a bit too much bravado.  Throughout the whole desert experience, Joseph was molded into the leader that God had in mind.  Joseph’s story is a classic when it comes to the theme of forgiveness.

LIFE APPLICATION - Real lives, real struggles, real setbacks, real victories.   We serve a real God, whose heart aches for  people and the life of Christ that is available to all who call on Him and the life, truth and way that is uniquely  Christ's.




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