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  • Matthew 13:52 (NASB) 52 And Jesus said to them, "Therefore every scribe who has become a disciple of the kingdom of heaven is like a head of a household, who brings out of his treasure things new and old."


After taking time to explain the parables to His disciples Jesus asked them if they understood them, to which they confidently replied , “Yes.”  Jesus needed them to go one step further, they needed to realize that understanding involves responsibility, so He gives them one more parable to explain this and to remind them of their responsibilities.

He likened them to scribes who must discover the truth.

The scribes began as a group under the leadership of Ezra. Their purpose was to preserve the Law, study it, and apply its truths to daily life. Over the years, their cause degenerated into a routine task of preserving traditions and man-made interpretations, and adding burdens to the lives of the people. They were so wrapped up in the past that they ignored the present! Instead of sharing living truth from God's Word, they peddled dead doctrines and traditions that could not help the people.

As believers we are scribes who are privy to the Truth.  We have Jesus the Truth, we have God’s Word which is Truth and we have the Holy Spirit who leads and guides us into all truth.  

Having truth at our disposal is not enough we must do the truth.

Matthew says that every scribe who becomes a disciple.  Scribes emphasize learning but disciples emphasize living.  We are not just to be learners of the truth we are to be doers of the truth.

And we must be willing to not only discover the truth and do it we must pass it on to others.  A head of a household takes responsibility for those in his household to teach and train them up.  He gives them treasures old and new.  We are called to share the truths we have discovered; the ones we discovered a  long time ago and the ones we are newly discovering; with those around us.

If we truly are disciples of God then we will be allowing God to reveal His truth to us and then we will be living it out and passing it on to others.  

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